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School Kids Studying In Class



Provide a balanced education while your child is in the early stages of development.


San Yuk has over 30 years of experience in the field of early childhood education. By the grace of God and Thanks to the trust of the residents of Kota Kinabalu, our school has grown from 13 students in the beginning to Today, we have more than 130 students enrolled in our school. We focus on the children's language skills, basic math, science, nature experience, music development, handicraft crafts, art classes, physical fitness classes, and more.


To strengthen and balance the child's spiritual, intellectual, physical, and social skills. These are the four areas that we believe are essential for a sound human being. While the academic curriculum is prescribed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, the school also focuses on the emotional management skills and character growth of the children. The school emphasizes the important role that faith plays in life. We encourage and promote communication among children and the benefits of being close to nature.

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