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Year 2023 Health Promotion Programmes

In the year of 2023, Seventh-day Adventist have taken the initiative to organise Lay led health evangelism after having few meetings with Malaysia Adventist Union Mission, Health director, Dr. Jane Yap and SDA Sabah Mission, Health department, Madam Doreen. This health evangelism is divided into three different phrases. First phrase is the 8 programs on continuous weeks on June and July. Then the second phrase will begin on August, and the last phrase is about care group establish after all the events.

By His grace and mercy, we have finished all the programmes in phrase 1. Thanks God and Praise for his wonderful works. We would also extend our gratitude and thanks to our church members who willing to serve the Lord during this first phrase. They also contribute ideas and plans for this evangelism. We would also like to thanks all our invited speakers and teachers. Thank you all to make this 8 week programmes successful.

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