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Women Ministry

​To model  Jesus Christ through meaningful relationships and effective ministries.

​Ministering to women's unique needs and by purposely training and equipping women for church service and ministry.



Part of the goal of women's ministries should be ensure that every woman in the church experiences a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Even social events should have a time of spiritual emphasis such as a devotional that is thoughtfully planned to inspire women. 


 In order for women's ministries to enhance the entire church program and encourage women to use all their spiritual gifts to God's glory, women's ministries should be very deliberate about inviting


 1) non-attending members and

 2) women from the community to every women's ministries event. 


This will let the non-attending members know that they are missed and wanted back, and the community women will begin to feel comfortable in the Seventh-day Adventist Church as they make friends and enjoy fellowship with the women of the church. It is then easy and natural to invite them to other events at the church such as cooking schools, women's special days of emphasis, small prayer and/or study groups, and evangelistic meetings, especially those conducted by women. In addition, events for the community, such as health fairs, seminars on abuse prevention, self-defense for women, single parenting, and divorce recovery, to name a few, should be a part of the church women's ministries agenda. 

A Ministry for Every Woman


A big part of spiritual health is reaching out to others to make a difference in their lives. Therefore, one of the goals of women's ministries should be to help every woman in the church find a ministry - an area in which to be of service to others. This may be accomplished in several ways.


One is by sponsoring outreach events to the community, ministries to the girls/ teens of the local church and school, or participating in a conference-sponsored outreach event. Or you might have spiritual gifts seminars to help women discover their gifts and then help them find practical ways to use their gifts. It might even be finding special ways to minister to their own children or families.

Evangelism by Women

 Women should be encouraged to get involved in evangelism. There may be women in your church who are gifted with the ability to speak in public, give Bible studies, or lead small prayer or study groups. Women's ministries leaders should provide opportunities for these types of activities, being sure that women in the community are invited to each event.

Mentoring Young Women

Meeting the needs of young women, teens, and involving them in women's ministries is a wonderful way to ensure that they stay in the church. They need to know that they are loved and valued by the adult women. Planning activities for them and including them in your activities and events will reap rich rewards.



Making contact with women who have stopped attending church and letting them know they are missed and wanted back is as important as baptizing new members. 

Annual Women's Ministries Special Days of Emphasis


Women's Day of Prayer, first Sabbath 

Women's Emphasis Day, second Sabbath

Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day, fourth Sabbath 

Women's Ministries  is

• A place to address the spiritual, emotional, physical, and social needs of women in the church

• Encouragement for women to improve their potential for participation in the mission of the church

• A support system for hurting women, whether they are suffering from divorce, abuse, or simply loneliness

• A forum to address topics and issues that affect women

• Encouragement for young women through a college scholarship program

• Mentorship of young women so they experience joy in the Lord and become involved in service in the church

• Recognition that women have many gifts of the Spirit and an attempt to help women to discover and use these gifts to the glory of God


• Encouragement for women to become involved in all areas of ministry in their church, their community, and their home

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